How do I enroll as a talent?

To enroll you must first download our app, available on Google Play or Apple Store. You can also visit foryou.io and prompt a download from there. Launch the app and from the homepage, click on enroll as talent button located on the top right corner of the screen. Follow the step-by-step process by providing your details, your services and rates, take a promo and verification video to finish up. You will immediately have access to your account dashboard with your talent status currently unavailable for the next 24 hours, which is the amount of time FORYOU team needs to verify your credentials and activate your account. Once your account activated, you are ready to receive greeting requests from fans and get paid to deliver them!

Can I make my account unavailable on FORYOU?

Yes! You can make yourself available or unavailable to receive greeting requests anytime it suits you. Simply acces your account dashboard from the app and tap on the status button to switch from available to unavailable.

How do I see my FORYOU account balance?

Simply open the app and access your account dashboard to view your balance.

How do I complete a video request?

All video requests are fulfilled in the FORYOU App with maximum 60 seconds video durations. Select the orders icon at the top of your dashboard screen in the App, then click on the request to accept or reject it. By accepting the request, FORYOU app will open your camera phone and present you with a prompter for an easy read of the request. Review the video and retake it if necessary, then just click done to submit your video.

How do I delete my FORYOU account?

You can delete your account by going into settings, located at the top right corner of your account dashboard page, then scroll down to the bottom of settings page. Once there, simply click on delete account and we will automatically pull your service from the platform and make you unavailable for fans to order again.

How do I edit my bio, services, rates and profile picture?

You can edit your offering and any other details relating to your account from your account dashboard page.

How can I get rid of a bad review?

Unless it violates our General Terms and Conditions, we won’t remove a fan’s review. If you think a review violates our Terms, please reach out to contact@foryou.io.

Can I extend the amount of time I have to fulfil a request for a video so it doesn't expire?

Not at this time.

How do I know if my fan received their video request?

You can check that your videos are successfully delivered to fans by accessing your account dashboard and clicking on delivered icon in order section.

How do I decline a video request?

Select the orders icon at the top of your dashboard screen in the App, then click on the request to accept or reject it or you can just let the 7 days period expire. This will notify customers that you are not willing to process their request at this time and we will immediately process their refund.

How do I complete a video request that has expired?

This is no possible at this time.

How do I change my price?

You can edit your offering and rates anytime from your account dashboard page.

How do I share my profile with my fans?

You can share your FORYOU profile with your friends, family and fans by going to your account dashboard in the App and scrolling down to share your link. Select share your link and choose where you want to share your profile.

How do I hide a FORYOU Video from my profile?

Only the customer can select if the video should be made available on your FORYOU profile page.

How do I set up or update my payment information?

Click on settings, located on the top right corner of your account dashboard then click Bank information. You’ll be prompted to enter your banking information. When withdrawing your account balance, your earnings will be transferred there within max 48 hours.

When and how do I get paid?

Once your banking is set up, you can easily transfer your earnings to your registered bank account using the withdraw button located at income section of your account dashboard. Transfer fees will apply.

What percentage do I earn from each completed video?

For videos requested through the FORYOU app, you’ll receive 75% of the booking price. The remaining 25% net goes to FORYOU (see our General Terms and Conditions).

Why do some of my FORYOU Videos pay out less than others?

For requests made through the App for iOS, Apple takes 30%. After Apple deducts the 30% fee, you’ll receive 75% of the remainder of the fees actually received by FORYOU. Requests made through the Android app doesn’t involve the Apple fee, so you receive 75% of the booking fee actually received by FORYOU (see General Terms and Conditions).

What is broadcast feature for video request?

If you decide to enable the broadcast feature as one of your service, this means that the video requested by the customer will also need to be posted (broadcasted) on your social media account for which he requested the video to be on (Publishing duration and rules apply. See General Terms and Conditions). Unless you process every request of the order accordingly, we will not be able to release payments to you. All accepted orders must be fulfilled as specified by the customer (see General Terms and Conditions).

What is a business video request?

Customers can request to promote their business or other promo-oriented initiatives by requesting a business video greeting, which is covered by a right of publish and use license of 30 days maximum upon receiving the video, extendable by request and only under acceptance of talent. These type of video greetings, if enabled and later on accepted by the talent, is covered by license agreement and specific rules of use for the buying customer (see General Terms and Conditions) so as not to penalise the talent.

Can I extend the license of a Business video?

We offer license extensions around term and usage. As a talent you can except to extend the rights of publish and use for ordered business videos, under pre-paid 30-day extension periods and renew it (after receiving extension request) as many times as you see fit.